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People At Night

  Short film, United Kingdom, 38 mins, Digital, 5.1, (2017). 

An experimental film, shot on location in London, England. "People At Night" focuses on a troubled individual John as he descends into the London night in an attempt to prove to himself that he still has some kind of agency over his life. In doing so he is forced to confront his potential to cause harm to those around him.

Main Credits:


Written and Directed by Joshua Magor

Producer - Erin Phipps

Co Producer - Lewis 

Cinematography - Cem Demirer

Camera Operator - Terence Chim

Sound Recordist - Erin Phipps

Editor - Lorenzo Nera

Sound Design - Ray El Hajj, Lorenzo Nera, Joshua Magor

Production Designer - Chelsea Gallagher

1st Assistant Director - Razvan Barseti, Nia Fausset 

2nd Assistant Director - Remi Itani

Gaffer - Zeta Spyraki

Sparks - Norbert Strehle, Bat Yuen, Chloé Deleplace,

Vincenzo Marranghino

1st Camera Assistants - Tuna Erlat, Ahmed El Lozy,

Joan Vincente Durà

2nd Camera Assistant - Lorenzo Nera

Make-Up and Hair - Vitória Haffner, Kesia Zünd,

Art Director - Aino Tuovinen

Continuity - Danté Kim

Production Assistant - Fergus Magor

Theatre Spark - Jonas Bak

Choreographer - Miguel Hernando Torres Umbra

Boom Operators - Remi Itani, Armine Vosganian,

Nia Fausset, Erin Phipps, Cameron Hill

DIT - Lorenzo Nera

Compositing & VFX - Lorenzo Nera

Colorist - Alex Grigoras

Sound Mixer - Ray Hage

Transportation - Soonil E.

Theatrical Performance Piece (London, 2016) written and executed by Eunseog Lee & Gus Nicholson



Main Cast:

Oliver Blagden

Silvia Almeida

Lisa Peace

Brian Merry

Tom Coulston

Flo Masson Terry

Simon Manley

Paul Heelis

Lillie Laverick

Shadi Gamil

Mico Saad

Alin Balascan

Gabriel Metzger

Kesia Guillery

Awards and Selections:

⁃ Official Selection Lisbon International Film Festival 2017


⁃ Official Selection Stockholm Independent Film Festival 2017


⁃ 2nd Place Student Film at the 22nd Indie Gathering, Ohio 2017


⁃ Official Selection Kuala Lumpur Independent Film Festival 2017


⁃ Honourable Mention at Experimental Forum, Los Angeles 2017


⁃ Honourable Mention Los Angeles Underground Film Festival 2017


⁃ First Selection at The International Short film Festival, Kalmthout Belgium 2017


⁃ Best Student Film at Ramunas Atelier International Independent Film Awards 2017


⁃ Official Selection at the Largo Film Awards 2017


⁃ Semi Finalist San Mauro Torinese International Film Festival 2018

Official Selection Honor Film Festival 2018

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